Score The Killer Domain Name That Will Suck In Visitors To Your Site

You need to build a niche web site that works. You have determined the topic, found some great keywords and now you'll need a domain name that really rocks.

Let's pick a website name!

Please keep the following things in mind:

1) The domain name will need your main keyword / phrase in it *exactly* since it is. Example: Your main phrase is "cool widgets". The domain ought to be something like "the-best-coolwidgets. com" NOT "the-best-widgets. com"

2) Your domain name must be very clear on what you are providing. In additional words, a benefit statement. You want the domain name to catch the eye of the human reader along with the search engines. When you read the domain name, it requires to communicate exactly what they can expect when they arrived at your site, and set them in a positive mindset. In other words, they see your domain name, plus they say to themselves "Now that looks like a great site. Just what I was looking for", BEFORE they ever reach your site.

You can come up with some distinctive, strange or otherwise hip domain name for your website, but unless you are terrific at buzz marketing or have a lot of money to build a brand you are better off sticking with a domain name that will work right from the bag.

Since you've already decided on your main keyword, this step should be a fairly easy one to complete.