Why You Should Get Your Own Name on the Internet - Cool Domain Names

The idea of having a custom e-mail address seems overwhelming to many computer users today. Sites like Yahoo, MSN, Google and AOL allow it to be so easy to get an e-mail address and begin using the powerful communication tool that is e-mail. Nevertheless, due to the success of these sites users are left with little if any control of what their e-mail address will be and also you are often stuck being "jimmy2345@whateverserviceyouchoose.com". In addition to limited address options, there are often strict rules in place regarding attachments and often restrictive size limitations. Finally most of these sites force you to use the Internet web based interface to send and receive mail (a few will allow the use of  Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird for an extra monthly fee).

It is become amazingly easy to get your own custom domain name and today they typically have a free web hosting and e-mail account. In addition you could have a very cool and easy to remember e-mail tackle like "jimmy@mycooladdress.com". The price of creating and registering your own Internet address is typically less than the cost of the premium services offered by the likes of Yahoo, MSN, Google or AOL. Once you own your own Cool Domain Name and start using the associated free services that come with that name you will wonder why you did not get a name sooner. Using your own address with programs such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird allow you much more freedom in how you organize and keep your e-mails. Many of the limitations of web based e-mail are removed or greatly lessened when you are using your own domain and e-mail address.

Using your own domain and e-mail address has several benefits for personal users, but is even more vital that you business users. In addition to the benefits over, business users gain credibility when corresponding with clients if using a custom personalized e-mail address rather than Yahoo, MSN, Google or AOL address.