How to Get a Net Domain

Look for a company that you can buy a. net domain from, for example GoDaddy. com or Domain. net. Most cool domain name registrars come with web hosting services in monthly or yearly packages. Select a registrar that has the features you wish.

Type in your preferred cool domain name and choose the inch. net" extension. It is a good idea to have a few names in mind for the domain in case the first one you select is not available.


Publish all of the information needed by the deliberar to register your new. net domain name. The registrar will take you through program steps where you will have to complete information. You will need the PayPal account or credit card to finalize your own domain name purchase.

Store all your account information in a safe location. Become familiar with all of the functions on your account's control panel like the domain name servers and your accounts renewal dates. If you fail to restore your cool domain name when the payment arrives, you risk losing it.