Capitalize on The Growing Expired Domain Name Trend

For some time now, it has been a kind of secret kept by web marketers within the know that the profit potential of expired domain names is really staggering

In short, expired domain names are a GOLDMINE. Better yet, this is a goldmine on complete autopilot because you'll be able to leverage the promotional efforts of thousands of other individuals.

In order to get a domain name for a website or a blog you have to register it with an appropriate company called a 'domain title registrar. '

Domain names are pretty cheap (about 8 dollars a pop or so), and there are tens of thousands registered each day.

When you register a domain name, this is not really a permanent thing. Rather, you will register a domain name for a certain time period, anywhere from one ot ten years usually.

Most people choose to register a domain name for only one year at any given time, and in this case the domain name must be constantly renewed to ensure that the owner to keep it. Many times, when a website name is approaching its expiration date, the owner will simply choose to not renew it.

-- How You Can Cash In About the Expired Domain Name Trend --

So that is just about all well and good, but WHAT DOES THIS HAVE RELATED TO MAKING MONEY??