Domain Name Renewals - Renewing Your Domain Names

Domain registration and website name renewals s can be loaded with problems if you're not careful in selecting your registrar and fully understanding the conditions and terms associated with renewing domain names. As a general guideline, when renewing domain names - don't leave it towards the last minute! Domain name renewal should occur at least 2 months in front of expiration. Your domain name registration period will continue to operate from the expiration date so you don't lose through earlier domain renewals.

If you can, renew for 2 or more years at any given time - this will reduce the frequency of the hassle of renewing your website name. On the other hand; you could forget all concerning the registration and the domain name expires anyway! If you've multiple domains, create a spreadsheet or database - or simply a word document together with your domain details and domain name renewal schedule so you always can keep an eye on domain expirations.

Watch who you do business with. There are several shady characters out there who may either not deliver something or will try to acquire value domains, and they will be happy to take your money to boot.
domain name management - Key points to bear in mind

1. Maintain a database of domain details

2. Preserve records of userids, passwords, admin emails for the site, URLs pertaining to the domain registration

3. Keep who is information current. This is imperative. Do not use your website name email as your contact info for your domain - regardless of how cool it looks.

4. Use a web-based current email address like Yahoo, Hotmail, any address that won't go aside.

Domain names can go away and if you have to switch hosts; you will be able to do so with no less than hassle.

5. Register as close to the registrar as you possibly can (eliminate as many links in the chain).