How Purchasing a Cool Domain Name Will Boost Your Affiliate Clicks and Revenue

Purchasing a cool domain name of your is a critical step to increasing your affiliate mouse clicks and building sales. No serious affiliate marketer can be without one- otherwise several! Here's why, and what you need to perform.

1. Building your brand

Your own domain name is really a crucial part of your brand. People in your niche may become familiar with your name through your articles, forum posts and unique products, but chances are many will only ever keep in mind your URL. So, it is hugely important to possess a cool domain name that is memorable, imparts a sense of what your company is about, but which is most of all YOUR OWN.

2. Keywords are key

Your cool domain name should incorporate a minumum of one important, niche-relevant keyword or key phrase. The obvious reason is this will boost your SEO, but that is not just about all.

Keywords and key phrases are not just relevant in order to SEO. They are relevant to people. Keywords and key phrases are simply terms that are important to a particular group. So, when purchasing your cool domain name, have in mind that you're marketing not to search engines, but to people. Affiliate clicks are made by live human beings.

3. Where to go, and just how much it costs

One very easy place to go is actually GoDaddy. Right on their home page, they have an easy search facility that will help you find cool, snappy domain names. You should look for that. com version of your cool domain name, because that may be the generic top level domain for businesses, but you may also consider the. net or. org versions. GoDaddy makes it simple that you should see which versions of any domain name are obtainable. You may be pleasantly surprised at how quick it's to find quite good ones.