How To Choose The Perfect Cool Domain Name - 3 Laws

Obtaining and choosing a cool domain name for your website is essential and key for any individual or organization. First you need to ask yourself a few questions:
  • - Does your chosen website name fit the market your in?
  • - Is it the brandable name?
  • - Does it consist of your web sites targeted keywords?
The above questions are what you can think about the 3 laws or factors for a cool domain name title.

Now those are just a few questions that you have to ask yourself in order to choose a cool domain name. You have to remember that it is preferable that the domain name is easy to pronounce, holds context to what your site is about ( unless you need to brand a certain word or phrase ), not too much time, easy to remember and if your in a particular market or niche that it consists of those keywords you intend to target and monetize.

Question 1 : Does your chosen domain name fit the marketplace your in?

What I mean by that is that nowadays everything on the web is moving towards relevancy, especially when it comes to find engines and Google in particular making sure their search engine results are a relevant as can be... So thats why I'm saying unless you intend to brand a site with a cool word or phrase that you think the consumer would stick to ensure your name is relevant to what your site is all about.

Question 2 : Is it a brandable name?

Now like previously mentioned a brandable cool domain name basically has little to none limits... As long as your consumer is taken by the name which is something pretty easy to remember your fine. Also look out for "slang" words that could be offensive to other ethnicities etc.

Question 3 : Does it consist of your websites targeted key phrases?

Now this is where Search Engine optimization plays a large role, because of the relevancy factor cooperating with the theme of the websites and the keywords in that theme which a person target. So if possible try and get a cool domain name that has that keyword(s) that you target. This will better your search listings and guide Google towards seeing your website as more relevant then others.