Business Domain Names - Can't Find What You Need?

Ouch! You just discovered the domain name you'd been dreaming about is finished. Of course you had been visualizing it having a Dot-Com extension; but you found you were two decades too late. It is still for sale however the owner wants more money for it than you taken care of your house!

Ok, you were almost prepared for your; you'd been reading about how picked-over the Dot-Com names had become even though you were a bit disappointed you weren't surprised to locate your dream-name gone. So you decided to be satisfied with Dot-Net.

Guess What? You discovered that many Dot-Com owners purchased the Dot-Net extension simultaneously to avoid anyone getting too close to their own name. And the Dot-Info and the Dot-Org! Right now what?

Back to the drawing board. You nevertheless want the name, but it's a business and also you want it recognized as such. Picking just any old domain extension isn't adequate. You want something your customers can recognize and remember to be about business. That's when you heard about Dot-Biz. Dot-Biz has existed for a while and was actually conceived as an alternative for Dot-Com when the elder extension became packed. So Dot-Biz it is!

Not! The Dot-Biz expansion was gone too; the domainers are migrating there looking for inexpensive available names and your name already belongs to one of these. The price he's asking isn't unreasonable, certainly nothing beats what the Dot-Com guy was demanding, but it's still lots of money. Dot-Biz is the end of the line. There's just nowhere else to get a guy that wants everybody to know his domain name is about business!

Sure there is! How regarding Dot-Bz? Doesn't Bz spell business just as certainly as Biz? Hey, it's even easier to mean. And there is a likelihood you can get it for under fifteen bucks.

Dot-Bz has been around since 1991. It is the country-code top-level-domain (cctld) of Belize within Central America, home of the ancient Mayans. The extension is administered through the University of Belize and there are no limitations on its purchase. In fact, since there are fewer than half a million people living in Belize, it's been forced to become reasonable about distribution. Believe it or not, it's probably the most popular website extensions in Italy; apparently the official abbreviation from the Italian province of Bolzano-Bozen is Bz.

What's more-and this is actually the important part for you-there are a lot associated with English words that haven't been registered yet. The domainers can get there eventually, but for now you have the best possibility of finding the name you need among the easily recognized business-friendly domains.