How to Find a Good Available Domain Name

With a lot of domains already registered, it can be difficult to locate a good available domain name. Whether you are attempting to register a name for your personal website, company, or just a blog or informational site, you shouldn't settle for an unattractive domain. There are several choices available for getting the keywords you need inside a .com and possibly a .net.  Try these suggestions and you will find a new spectrum opens up from which you now have several choices on what to register.

First, let's look at your personal title. Say you are David Smith and you can't afford to purchase your namesake off someone else. One option is to test DSmith or DavidS. If the one-letter method fails, try adding a middle initial or name towards the mix. For example, DavidASmith, DASmith, or DavidAndrewSmith might all be nice substitues. If you are still not able to find an available name, try inserting a hyphen somewhere within the mix to form a domain like David-Smith or even D-Smith. Last, you could always add the word site to among the aforementioned examples.

Next, say you want to create a brandable cat food company name. Obviously you might have liked to have had just cat food, but with this name long gone, you want to carve out your personal brand. A great place to start is if you take the words cat and food and brainstorming any kind of synonyms or similar words onto a notepad. After that, try fusing the words together to form the one word combination that runs smoothly. You could also go another route and take the root of among the words and add a suffix or prefix. Typical brandable domain suffixes include -ia, -icity, - ology, -ification, -us, -o, -a, and several other letter combinations. For inspiration, try searching for a few of the major companies and notice how they transformed a composed word into everyday language.

Finally, if you would like to make a website or blog about something but have trouble getting a workable web name that fits your keywords, do not despair, you can always find something in the. net or a .com by being creative.  Let's pretend you want to start a website about video games, but the condition is you must include those keywords for search engine optimization or SEO purposes.  Good thinking.  Let's run through some quick prefixes you can try: e-, i-, about-, my-, the-, best-, good-, all-, just-, cool-, elite- and go- are all potential add-ons that don't increase the domain length by too much.  Now try some general suffixes: -web, -net, -gold, -files, -blog, -box, -wire, -news, -info, -room, -pro, -city, -site, -talk, -max.  Obviously, you will want to tailor your add-ons to whether your root keywords are singular or plural, but given the amount of options you have, by the time you are done you should have a nice list to choose from.

The domain name recommendations for finding a good domain above are merely the end of the iceberg. Use this article as set up a baseline guide to spurn even more creativity and ideas for getting the perfect web address for your site.