Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Small Business

The web is arguably the greatest commercial tool invented since the very first coins where struck. The access provided across the world to literally vast amounts of potential customers is unprecedented historically. The primary obstacle is actually human memory.

You may have the greatest product you can possibly imagine, but it does no good if customers can't remember ways to get to your website. Or... can't spell your domain name correctly to locate it!

Studies on human memory show that with just a little practice, people can remember up to ten digit amounts grouped into manageable segments. That is why phone numbers are usually between 8 and 12 digits. The mind handles area and country codes since it considers them as separate information.

Choosing the right domain name for your business, is as much a marketing exercise since it a technical exercise!

Short and Sweet...

Using phrases that provides your company a unique presence is vital, but an excessive amount of a good thing is deadly to marketing. The word "overkill" ought to be the first one you consider when you pick a title. If you ever have to ask if the domain name is really a 'mouthful' - then it is!

Short, direct domain names, having a cadence or rhythm, hits branding the best. Even if someone doesn't use your product, short words and phrases, that possess a rhythm, can linger for a long time.

Think about 'jingles' for advertising campaigns - many people can recite their favorite jingle, even if they've never used the service or product being advertised.