Domain Names Create a Location

Within the offline world your business location has direct bearing about the success or failure of your business. The property adage location, location, location has been instilled into our mindset over the years with most people understanding and believing this to be accurate.

The same holds true on the Internet. You must realize that your domain name is your location on the web. It is your unique identifier that separates a person from the 120 million or so websites these days. You promote  your domain name  the same way you promote your street address and phone number for your offline business, so be wise when selecting a domain name.

Your domain name is the gateway towards the internet. Without a domain name visitors will don't have any way of finding your website. The same is true if you choose a domain name that has no relevance aimed at your website content, that is hard to spell or hard to consider. A good domain name is both descriptive from the website content and easy to remember.

To create a comparison to the offline business world I accustomed to own a restaurant in an "out of the actual way" location. It was an awesome 3 story building constructed in 1885 having a unique architecture style copied by no other building in the region. The place had great food, service and atmosphere with restaurant reviews to prove it. The issue; customers could not find us! That's a large problem!