How to Buy Domain Names So You Can Get More Search Engine Rankings in Your Niche

One strategy which you can use to get a lot more visitors to your website is to buy domain names that are already getting traffic & have search engine rank. In this article I want to show you ways to do this the right way to get visitors to your site and start making money from the domains that you're buying.

Step #1 - You have to make certain your domain has page rank.

The bottom line is that if you buy a domain that doesn't have page rank, you are not going to create any money off it!

The reason that it should have page rank is because you want to verify the truth that Google has indexed it and has started to provide it some trust. The higher the page position, the more trust that domain will have along with Google.

So make sure you don't buy one unless it's a good page rank attached to it.

Step #2 - Don't overpay for domains which are trendy!

Some people will buy names that look cool or have keywords using their niche in the name. That is a great idea & it might sound good but you need to realize that very few people directly type inside a name that they don't know!

Also, Google won't give you extra search engine optimization credits for those who have a keyword in your cool domain name!

You need to realize that they know how easy it would be to buy a name with a keyword in this!

So make sure you focus on getting high quality domains that have traffic coming to them and that will make you money right away.

If you do this it is possible to build a large portfolio over time and get lots of traffic to your site on total autopilot.