Domain Parking Explained

Domain names are being snapped up constantly so if you have thought of a cool name for a future project then it may be wise to register it now. There is an opportunity that if you leave it too late another person may register it. While your planning your site you are able to park the domain name.

Domain parking is a process where you register a domain and don't enter the name servers of your hosting organization. Usually the domain registrar will park your domain automatically on their server, this means that if you type your website name into a web browser you will arrive in a default page provided by the registrar. If you will hold onto the domain for a while or even not develop a site straight away then you might want to consider a domain parking service that offers you revenue out of your parked domain.

Parking services such as sedo offer revenue sharing out of your parked domain. Revenue sharing from a parked domain works through traffic being directed to a search page or ppc page where any visitors to your parked domain may click the ads and you receive a percentage of the revenue out of this. Traffic parking claims that when parked receives normally 8 hits per month but a popular website name may get thousands of visitors due to immediate type ins and miss typed domains.

Unless you've got a popular cool domain name it probably isn't worth the effort to utilize a revenue sharing parking service and just use your own registrars default parking page. So domain parking is a process where a person register a name and leave it until you will be ready to use it. You may or may not have a parking page where any stray visitors might find a default host parking page or if you are using a parking service an ad targeted page.