How to Find a Cool Domain Name

An awesome domain name includes relevant keywords, gets your site noticed and separates your website from the millions of Internet sites. However, there are so many cool domain names which have been registered, the trick is not only coming up having a cool domain name, but in also finding one that's available.

  1. Determine the keyword or keywords for your website. For example, if you are Jewish and you prefer photography, two keywords for your site could end up being "Jewish" and "photographer. " The Happy Jewish Photographer is really a better domain name than A Jewish Man That Likes Pictures.
  2. Type your cool domain name in the search bar.  Choose .com or one of the other extensions and determine if your domain name is available. If it is available, register your domain name to use at your site. Some of most common extensions are .com, .net or .org. When the extensions were first designated, businesses were .com; charities were .org; and technology was .net. Today, .com., org and .net can be used for any purpose..
  3. Choose a cool domain name which includes your relevant keyword or keywords. Search for the domain registrar, such as, My Domain or Domains Bot and type in your keyword in the domain search bar. For example, at, type "Jewish" and "photographer" in the search bar. Domain ideas appear. Choose one of the ideas, or use the ideas to spark your imagination for a cool domain name.